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Lynnwood Trailers & LeisureWorld is ideally situated in the East of Pretoria on Lynnwood Road. Our showroom, enables us to showcase our trailers in a proper retail environment. Our range is extensive encompassing the complete Luggage and Offroad series from Jurgens, as well as the Luggage, Off Road and Commercial side from Venter. So wether you are looking for a small luggage trailer, an equipped offroad trailer or a Royal Horsebox, you will not be disappointed when visiting us. Lynnwood Trailers & LeisureWorld's trailer rental fleet now exceeds 100 trailers for hire, one of the largest Venter Trailer Agents in South Africa.

Recent awards and achivements:
Silver Medal - Award of Excellence: Top Overall Trailer Sales
Bronze Medal - Top Volume: Safari Trailers
Gold Medal - Top Volume Luggage Trailer Sales

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